Foreign employment ordinance to be promulgated

Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Lalitpur, April 1:

Foreign employment ordinance 2004 is to be promulgated with the objective of resolving the unemployment problem of the country, making foreign employment that had been playing an important role in alleviating poverty more service oriented, dignified, planned and regular and protecting the rights and interest of the workers going abroad.

Speakers at a national seminar concerning the draft of the law related to foreign employment pointed out the need for bilateral agreement on service charge, facilities and nature of jobs with the countries providing foreign employment.

Secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management Narayan Prasad Silwal expressed the view that the law under formulation will prove to be helpful to the workers and professionals going for foreign employment and will also rectify the mistakes and shortcomings in foreign employment.

Director-general of the Department of Labour and Employment Promotion Pratap Kumar Pathak said that the proposed act will be effective in raising the economic and social status of the workers going for foreign employment and enhancing their efficiency.

Senior national programme officer of the United Nations Women Development Fund Sangeeta Thapa pointed out the need to effectively raise the matters of human rights aspects of the worker going for foreign employment.