Get a good night’s sleep to avoid health problems

Kathmandu, February 4

Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital says 30 to 40 per cent patients visiting the hospital complain of sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders are associated with stress, depression, anxiety and psychosis.

“Most people these days complain of work stress. They are under pressure to excel in their field of engagement, including education and career,” said Dr Sagun Ballav Pant, consultant psychiatrist at the hospital, adding , “This increases the risk of sleep disorders. Intake of alcohol, caffeine, lack of exercise and irregular sleeping habits are also to blame for sleep disorders.”

One is likely to suffer from obesity and long term chronic diseases when s/he has sleeplessness .

If one doesn’t sleep well s/he is likely to suffer from fatigue and irritability. People of any age group and profession can suffer from sleeplessness, but it is more common among shift workers such as nurses and policemen as they can’t maintain their regular sleeping schedules, according to  Dr Pant.

Earlier, people didn’t know where and whom to consult when they had sleep disorders. However, people are more aware now and visit health centres seeking medical advice even for minor health related problems, according to Dr Pant.

Regular sleeping habits and daily exercise help one get good sleep. The room where one sleeps should be dark and quiet, said the doctor. One should avoid daytime sleeping and wake up at the same time every morning, should limit activities in bed and eliminate alcohol and stimulants like nicotine and caffeine. Sleep schedule should be properly maintained and one should avoid eating anything before two hours of sleep, and should lessen fluid intake before going to bed,” advised Dr Pant.