Govt issues action plan aiming to promote good governance

Kathmandu, November 28

The Government has issued Good Governance Promotion Strategy and Action Plan to maintain fiscal discipline and ensure good governance at local levels.

The action plan developed by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development envisages institutionalisation of the governance process at the local level levels. “Giving people a sense of good governance by enhancing citizens’ participation is the core objective of the action plan,” it states.

The action plan also strives to make the activities of the local levels transparent. As per the action plan, the local levels shall develop grievance redress mechanism, employee code of conduct, and procedures relating to project implementation and formation of user committees, taxation, procurement, social mobilisation, public-private partnership, among others.

The action plan requires the local levels to ensure clarity about functions, responsibilities and roles of chief, deputy chief and members of local levels and conduct organisational and management study for recruitment, promotion, training, transfer and motivation of employees. It has also been made mandatory for local levels to prepare the criteria of performance appraisal and reward the best performers and initiate action against employees whose performance is below the mark.

According to the action plan, the local levels should provide service through a single window and make necessary arrangements for enhancing the access of senior citizens, disabled and patients to their services. In order to maintain financial discipline and reduce the risk arising from it, the local levels shall carry out financial transaction through banking channel only by making necessary arrangement for setting up a branch office of the bank on its premises.

The action plan bars level levels from starting construction projects in the month of June and July. “The local levels shall implement e-bidding to maintain transparency in public procurement and construction work,” it states.