Govt employees’ mega meet today

Kathmandu, June 8 :

Issues including transfer, dismissal and suspension of government employees during the royal regime, would be raised in the ninth assembly of the council of Nepal Government Employees’ Organisation scheduled to begin tomorrow.

Bholanath Pokharel, the general secretary of the organisation, said the assembly would look into the details made available to the central committee from the 103 working committees of the 75 districts of the country.

According to him, over 1,000 employees from across the country were transferred unfairly whereas hundreds of them were injured during the Jana Andolan; 36 employees lost their life during the conflict, of which 27 were killed by the Maoists and the nine by the state.

“Although the Maoists call it ‘volunteer donation’, the employees in many district are still ‘donating’ money from their meagre salary out of fear,” said president of the organisation, Murary Prasad Bhattarai, adding, “We demand immediate action to stop activities which may jeopardise the peace process.”

The employees are also learnt to have asked the government to rehabilitate families affected by the conflict.

Among other issues, annulment of the Public Service Act 2062 and the volunteer retirement

of the incumbent employee of the royal palace would be the major agenda in the assembly.

Bhattarai said a number of employees would be ready to take retirement

for various reasons if the government announced a fair package for them. “Such package could be attractive enough for many other employees too,” Bhattarai said.

Bhattarai, however, expressed his displeasure over the government’s failure to reinstate employees who were dismissed during the Jana Andolan. Three employees were dismissed unfairly during the royal regime. “I don’t understand why the government is afraid of taking action,” Bhattrai said.

Deputy prime minister KP Oli is scheduled to inaugurate the two-day meeting which would

be attended by about 400 participants.