The government has asked all hospitals and laboratories across the country not to charge more than the government fixed rate for PCR tests.

Issuing a notice, the Ministry of Health and Population, urged laboratories to comply with the government's rule or face stern action. The government has also said it will be forced scrap the licence of laboratories if they are found charging exorbitantly.

The government has set a ceiling price of Rs 1,000 per PCR test in government hospitals and laboratories, while it has allowed private laboratories to charge up to Rs 2,000.

"However, we have been hearing complaints that some private laboratories are charging extra money," the MoHP notice reads.

The notice further reads that labs are not allowed to charge extra under sub-headings like epidemic control.

Recently, the government had taken action against some labs that were involved in fraudulence cases such as issuing fake PCR reports.

Meanwhile, the health ministry has also asked all laboratories to conduct PCR tests of non-Nepalis who have been living in quarantines inside the country, and of Indian nationals who arrive in the country through Air Bubble arrangements. The Air Bubble arrangement allows Indian nationals and third country nationals with valid visa to travel to India and vice versa.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 28, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.