Grade XI re-examination results out

Kathmandu, February 24

National Examinations Board has published the results of Grade XI examination conducted for students who wanted to re-take exams to improve their grades.

According to NEB, of the total 39,990 students, 9,235 were unable to increase their grades even after re-taking exams. The remaining 30,755 examinees have improved their grades.

Among the students, 12 students got ‘A plus’, 182 students ‘A’, 1,085 students ‘B plus’, 4,694 students ‘B’ and 10,046 students got ‘C plus’.

Likewise, 14,736 students got ‘C’, 5,565 ‘D plus’ and 2,504 got ‘D’ while 1,166 students scored ‘E’ in the result.

Examination Controller Dambar Batas said students who scored less than ‘D plus’ would be allowed to retake examination to improve their grades. “Students have been given till March 4 to fill forms for examinations. For regular students, the deadline for filling forms expired on February 19,” said Batas.

Students scoring ‘D plus’ or less than ‘D plus’ in one subject can retake examinations to increase their grades