Health post still functioning under tents

Kathmandu, May 2

Locals in Gimdi, Lalitpur have been facing a problem lately as the Gimdi health post does not have a building of it own due to lack of space. After the earthquake destroyed the health post, people have been getting treatment and care in temporary huts.  With the changing weather, winds and rain, the huts have been badly affected.

According to the Chief of Gimdi Health Post, people have been getting health services from a single room. “Due to the wind, the tent that was provided by the UNICEF has been completely destroyed,” said Birendra Bhandari, chief of Gimdi health post. The health post was using the old building which was also restricted for use.

“The health post is in the middle of a jungle and there is also a chance of trees falling on tent,” the chief added.

In total, there are five rooms at the health post which been taken for a birthing centre, dressing room, out patient department, store room and an office.

As the health post is largely open, there is a lack of privacy as many patients, especially women, feel shy to share their problem.

“Today, the Department of Forest sent a worker for construction and has promised to start construction from tomorrow. But the work will continue till local elections begin and resume after the conclusion of elections,” Bhandari explained.