Homeopathic’s new panel

Kathmandu: The fifth national convention of the All Nepal Homeopathic Association concluded here today.

The convention was chaired by UCPN-Maoist leader and CA member Khimlal Devkota. The convention also elected its new working committee under the presidency of Dr Sabbir Khan.

The committee has Dr Lalit Mishra as vice president. Dr Ambika Prasad Gyawali and Dr Krishna Prasad Subedi have been elected as general secretaries, Dr Sushil Devkota as the joint secretary and Dr Prem Narayan Sriwastava as the treasurer of the committee.

Likewise, Dr Syaron Tiwari, Dr Samyukta Gupta, Dr JB Pathak, Dr Amit Prasad Gupta, Dr Buddhi Khanal and Dr Rajendra Manandhar have been elected members in the working committee.