Honorary Consul of Washington State promotes Nepal tourism

KATHMANDU: Honorary Consul of Washington State for the government of Nepal AC Sherpa said that there was a need to think, structure, build, and promote our tourism differently.

“The world is not the same as it used to be due to the Covid-19 pandemic and there will be additional responsibilities for our country and the rest of the world,” Sherpa said in a statement, adding that Nepal should be promoted in a different way in the global market to boost the tourism sector which is worst hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

Sherpa, being a consul general of the Washington State in the US, said he promoted Nepal tourism through many organisations like the New York Times Travel Shows (NYTTS) each year by organizing a booth, distributing flyers, hosting a cultural performance on the stage with local Nepalese artists and handing out souvenirs.

In order to promote Nepal, Sherpa also became a member of the American Travel Tourism Association (ATTA) and travelled to various countries like Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, and South Africa.

Sherpa, a member with the International Rotary Club, also organized a business celebration program in July 2019 with Nepal’s ambassador Dr Arjun Kumar Karki, Miss Nepal 2019 Anuska Shrestha, as well with American organizations, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and many other businessmen, including senators, mayors, and honorary consular association members.

From the beginning to now, he also worked with the Nepal Embassy in Washington, DC., the Embassy team, NRN NCC USA, NRN ICC and local Nepalese organization leaders.

“During my four-year term, I supported financially and provided time to many Nepalese citizens with mental issues. Likewise, I have also issued visitor visas to Nepal for over 1500 U.S. passport holders and fully complied with the rules and regulations of Nepal Embassy in Washington D.C.,” Sherpa said.

Sherpa first started to serve as Honorary Consul to Washington State, in November 2015, representing Nepal.

Sherpa said, “I have gained a high level of diplomacy knowledge, been presented numerous opportunities to serve the Nepalese communities in the USA and have learned various ways to contribute to Nepal and its people. I have built deep relationships not only within the Nepalese communities but also within the international honorary

consulate organisation.  I plan to further grow and expand my relationships with the Nepalese communities, Washington state and the international honorary consulate organisation.”

The world is not the same as it used to be due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There will be additional responsibilities for our country and the rest of the world. “I look forward in contributing to Nepal in many more ways and share the knowledge that I have accumulated during the past thirty-five years while living in the USA and Nepal,” he added.

Starting now, we need to think, structure, build, and promote ourtourism differently. Our country is growing economically, and we have to educate our citizen in many sectors, such as tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and trade, added Sherpa.

"Nepal needs to think of strategies to be sustainable while taking into account our current situation with the neighbouring countries and events happening worldwide", he added.

The foundation has served over 25,000 women and children, providing oral healthcare in rural remote villages in Nepal since 2006. In 2010, we’ve supported in building 110 houses with hydroelectric power and building a school in Tapting Solnasa, Solu Khumbu, Nepal. We have also supported a school in Chitwan, Mahdi, West Nepal in 2014.  “I have supported the Young Star Club in Solu Salleri.”