House meet postponed for 5 pm today

KATHMANDU: The Parliament meeting scheduled for 3:30 pm on Tuesday has been postponed for 5 pm, citing special reason.

The House was rescheduled due to a special reason, according to Assistant Spokesperson for Parliament Secretariat, Sudarshan Kuinkel,

Earlier today, the task force formed by the ruling and opposition parties to end the House disruption had held its meeting. The meeting, however, ended without making any concrete decision.

The task force would make decision on the basis of win-win situation, the Rastriya Samachar Samiti reported. Decision would be made public after holding meeting with senior leaders of the respective parties at 3:30 pm, the state-owned news agency added.

The main opposition party Nepali Congress has been obstructing the Parliament for the past few days demanding that the government provide a lump sum of Rs 200, 000 to earthquake victims to rebuild their houses.

(With inputs from Rastriya Samachar Samiti)