House panel directs Finance Ministry to reimburse amount of fair price shops

KATHMANDU: A sub-committee under the Industry, Commerce and Consumers Welfare Relations Committee of the Legislature-Parliament has directed the Ministry of Finance to give clearance of the dues of fair price shops run during festive seasons.

A meeting of the Supplies and Consumers' Welfare Sub-Committee held today directed the Ministry to release the budget to the Nepal Salt Trading Corporation, National Trading Limited and Nepal Food Corporation adding that the earlier directives were not implemented.

Likewise, the meeting has also directed the Ministry of Supplies to take policy decisions only after the recommendations of Ministry of Finance while taking decision on operation of fair price shops in the days ahead.

Coordinator of the sub-committee Subas Chandra Thakuri said that the Ministry of Supplies was directed to make provision for sale of the zinc sheets procured by the Nepal Salt Trading Corporation after the Gorkha Earthquake as per the decision of the Council of Ministers.

During the meeting, lawmakers Ananta Poudel, Rajya Laxmi Shrestha, Rambir Manandhar, Shambhulal Shrestha and Dilman Pakhrin drew attention of the government for not reimbursing the amount of fair price shops for many years.

On the occasion, Secretary of Ministry of Supplies, Prem Kumar Rai complained that the Ministry of Finance was not cooperating with the Supplies Ministry for reimbursement.

However, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Ganesh Prasad Pandey, pledged to provide the amount incurred for fair price shops till Monday.