Implement journalists’ act, MPs urge govt

Kathmandu, August 1:

Some members of Parliament today demanded the government effectively implement the Working Journalists’ Act 1995 in order to secure jobs for journalists. They also demanded promulgation of the Right to Information Act.

MP Hom Nath Dahal had put forward a proposal regarding the issue in today’s session of the House of Representatives. Dahal also proposed formation of a parliamentary committee to promote the media as it had fought for democracy during the royal regime.

Dahal further called on the government to ensure rights of the electronic media. He also demanded the government table the Right to Information Bill during this session of the House.

MP Raghuji Pant accused the government of doing nothing for the media though, according to him, they had played a crucial role in toppling the royal regime. He demanded the government effectively implement the journalists’ act and promulgate the Right to Information Act.

“One cannot live in the 21 century without information. The government should provide a telephone, a computer and a fax machine to every citizen,” he said. He also demanded the House bring the state-owned radio and television under the parliament. MP Purna Bahadur Khadka demanded the government provide welfare advertisement to all newspapers.

MPs Kamala Pant and Sabitri Bogati Pathak also urged the government to be supportive to the media. Responding to the MPs’ queries, Minister of State for Information, Dilendra Prasad Badu, said the government had set up a commission to find out areas in the information sector where reforms can be made.