Improve human development index, NIC told

Kathmandu, May 9

The Women and Social Committee of the House of Representatives has issued directives to the National Inclusion Commission to work on improving Nepal’s position in the Human Development Index.

WSC Chairperson Niru Devi Pal directed the NIC to formulate and implement plans and policies to ensure that they help Nepal improve its position in the Human Development Index. According to WSC, NIC can play a crucial role in human development through a detailed study and analysis of social, economic, geographical, historical, ethic and class dimensions of Nepali society.

During preliminary discussion on the future policies and strategies of the NIC with its office-bearers including Chairperson Shantaraj Subedi, the WSC highlighted the need to promote and uphold the rights of tribes, backward communities, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, peasants, marginalised communities, and socially and economically disadvantaged groups.

The WSC has also directed the NIC to submit its quarterly progress report to the parliamentary panel. As the federal, provincial and local levels fall under its jurisdiction, the parliamentary panel instructed the NIC to provide it with a detailed description as to how the NIC would incorporate all three tiers of the government in the course of fulfilling the mandate entrusted to it by the central government.

The WSC inquired whether or not targets of reservation and quota allocated to various tribes in government and non-government services were achieved. “If the NIC believes that the targets have not been achieved, we expect it to provide this parliamentary panel with reasons thereof, along with further measures to be adopted towards that end,” the WSC said.

The WSC also directed the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration to make arrangements for necessary budget, resources and infrastructure for the NIC for its effective functioning.