Interpol issues Red Notice for 83 Nepalis

Kathmandu, July 1

International Criminal Police Organisation has issued Red Notice for 85 persons, including two foreigners, on the request of National Central Bureau, Kathmandu.

National Central Bureau, a division of the concerned national police agency, serves as a contact point for the Interpol in 192 member countries, enabling them to work together on cross-border crime investigations and exchange information related to criminals and suspects.

According to a report published by Nepal Police, the 83 Nepali nationals on the Red Notice list have been facing charges like murder, foreign employment fraud, smuggling, human trafficking, banking offence, wildlife crime, abduction and extortion and rape.

The Interpol circulates Red Corner Notices for the purpose of arrest and subsequent deportation of criminals and suspects on the recommendation of member countries upon verification of their details.

The notice is issued against any person convicted by the court. For this, the court of the concerned country is required to issue an arrest warrant against the guilty for his/her arrest for extradition.

Similarly, Yellow Notice has been issued for 10 Nepalis, Blue Notice for three Nepalis, Green Notice for one Nepali and Diffusion Notice for 20 Nepalis and two foreigners.

Yellow Notice is issued to help locate missing persons, often minors, or to help identify persons who are unable to identify themselves.

Blue Notice serves the purpose of collecting additional information about a person’s identity, location or activities in relation to a crime.

Green Notice provides warnings and intelligence about persons who have committed criminal offences and are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries.

Diffusion Notice is less formal than a notice but is also used to request the arrest or location of an individual or additional information in relation to a police investigation.

Meanwhile, Nepal Police has managed to arrest 21 persons through the issuance of Red Notice so far.

Of them, 12 persons were arrested in foreign countries and brought home. They include Sanjay Ismali, a murderer of Justice Rana Bahadur Bam; Jagadish Chand, a murderer of Jamim Shah; Raj Kumar Praja, a notorious rhino poacher, and Mina Lama and Shyma Kumar Lama, human trafficking convicts.

Similarly, six foreigners wanted by foreign countries through Interpol were arrested from Nepal and sent back to the concerned national police agencies in their respective countries.

They include three Chinese, an Indian, an American and a Korean citizen.

Nepal Police said Interpol facilitates cross-border police co-operation and supports and assists all organisations, authorities and services whose mission is to prevent or combat international crime, among others.