Kathmandu, April 3:

The families of the deceased and injured during the Jana Andolan II today made public their issues to be incorporated in the new constitution.

Among other issues, the victims and their kin want a clause in the statute for the prosecution of those involved in suppressing the popular movement that toppled the 238 years old monarchy and ushered in loktantra.

Presenting a concept paper on new constitution during a deliberation among participants from 61 districts today, the kin of the victims said they wanted a mentioning of their contribution to the ushering in of loktantra in the preamble of the new statute.

“Highly regarding the sacrifice and aspirations of those deceased or injured during the Jana Andolan 2006 …,” is the clause suggested by them for the preamble.

They also demanded constitutional guarantee for five per cent reservation in all state organs for the Jana Andolan victims and their family members. Special provision for proportional participation of the victims in state structures has also been proposed.

The victims and their kin also want a special guarantee of their economic, political and social security in the guiding principles and policies of the state.

The group has also

made public its views on citizenship, fundamental rights, and land and state restructuring.

A representative of the group Navaraj Dhungana said they would hand over the concept paper to Madhav Kumar Nepal, chief, Constitutional Committee of the CA, after deliberation among themselves for two days.