Janai Purnima celebrations

Kathmandu, August 15:

Janai Purnima, also known as Rishi Tarpani will be celebrated tomorrow. Hindu males wear Janai (a sacred thread) on their bodies and people receive Rakshya Bandhan thread, which is tied around the wrist as an amulet.

The sacred thread is believed to protect people from diseases.

This festival is also called “Kwati Purnima”. Kwati, a soup prepared from nine kinds of beans, is a special delicacy. In Tarai, sisters tie “Rakhi” around wrists of their brothers wishing them long life and prosperity. Thousands of devotees worship lord Shiva at Pashupatinath and in Kumbheswor and take holy dips in ponds and lakes. Religious fairs are being held in Gosaikund in Rasuwa district and in Triveni in Jumla to makr the festival.