Kin of Santosh stage demonstration

KATHMANDU: The local residents and kin of Santosh Karki (9), who was killed in the shoot-out at Gothatar, staged a demonstration in Koteshwor and Tinkune area today in protest against the senseless killing of the second grader.

Karki was caught in the shoot-out while he was returning home after his school.

Amrit Khadka, principal of Bhimeshwor Academy in Birendrachowk of Gothatar, said the school lost one of the stars, who always stood first among his cohorts.

He said, “Karki had scored 99.5 per cent in his class.”

Shambhu Karki, father of Santosh, was moved to tears when he started recalling his extraordinary achievements in the school.

“My son had assured me that he would be the backbone of our family one day. But now all our dreams are shattered,” Shambhu said, sobbing bitterly.

“His mother, Saraswoti Karki is in a semiconscious-state”, informed Shambhu.

Metropolitan Police Range at Hanumandhoka informed that they were going to set up a police beat in the area, where the grisly incident occurred.

Hundreds of police personnel were deployed in the area today in the wake of tense situation following the protest by locals.