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Lack of access to mental health care contributing to increase in suicide rates


Kathmandu, September 8

The number of suicide cases has increased dly in the last five years in the country. Studies have shown that suicide cases are on the rise due to lack of access to mental health services.

According to Central Bureau of Investigation, 4,694 people committed suicide in the year 2016 while it was just 3,918 in 2011. Of the 4,694 people committing suicide, 2,468 were male, 2,062 female, 88 boys and 87 girls.

Shiva Ram Achhami, 49, of Baneshwor shares how he attempted suicide when he could not come to terms with the loss after his two children committed suicide. “When I get to talk about my pain and trauma with people, I feel a little relieved,” Achhami shared at a programme organised ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day, which falls on September 10.

“I suffered a huge loss in business and had to struggle a lot to make ends meet. It also affected the education of my children. This prompted them to commit suicide and I have always blamed myself for this,” he added.

Matrika Devkota, a mental health advocate, said that if a person gave a clue about suicidal tendencies, family members should keep a close eye on his/ her activities and immediately seek help from mental health expert.

“One cannot differentiate between right and wrong when in psychological trauma. Such people should be encouraged to talk about their problems,” said Edison Astudillo, a psychologist. “One in every 20 persons thinks of committing suicide at some point of time due to anxiety and depression. Before the matter worsens further and the person is unable to handle it anymore, he/she should be given counseling. Moreover, family members should listen to such person’s problems,” he added.

Every year nearly one million people attempt suicide and 90 per cent of them succeed in doing so.


A version of this article appears in print on September 09, 2017 of The Himalayan Times.

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