Lack of quorum postpones Parliament meeting again

KATHMANDU: The Parliament meeting has been postponed after it was found that the meeting lacked quorum required to proceed with the legislative business, on Wednesday afternoon.

As Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Hitraj Pandey was tabling a proposal that the House discuss various bills in order to construct various constitutional commissions, Nepal Workers and Peasants Party lawmaker Dilli Prasad Kafle questioned if there were sufficient lawmakers to proceed with the discussion.

Following, Kafle's question, Speaker Onsari Gharti, who was chairing the meeting, ordered that a bell be rung to draw the attention of lawmakers.

After three minutes, the Parliament Secretariat staff counted the MPs, just to find that the number was just 125, which is 24 short of 149 required to hold a discussion on any issue.

The Parliament Regulations require that at least one-fourth of the lawmakers should be present in any House meeting.

Following that, Speaker Gharti announced that the meeting was postponed for half an hour.