Legal experts worry about nation’s fate

KATHMANDU: Legal experts on Sunday said chances of military rule in the country could not be ruled out if the politicians failed to take the peace process to a logical conclusion.

Speaking at an interaction on civilian supremacy here Sunday, senior advocate Daman Nath Dhungana said the military might take over if the politicians failed. “The erstwhile government invited confrontation with the army by taking action against Chief of Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal,” Dhungana said.

Legal expert Sher Bahadur KC accused the Maoist-led government of trying to impose authoritarian rule, which ultimately took the nation at this difficult juncture. “The erstwhile government misinterpreted civilian supremacy,” he added.

Advocate Chandra Kanta Gyawali urged all to uphold constitutional supremacy instead of civilian supremacy. However, retired Lieutenant General Sajib Shah said the politicians should be ready to accept bouquets and brickbats but should not drag the military into controversy.