Locals protest installation of digital display board

Lalitpur, July 29

Local stakeholders in Jawalakhel, who constructed a 'Bal Briddha Park' at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur for children, the elderly, and the differently-abled, have been protesting the Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan city’s move to install a digital display board in the park.

The installation of digital display board at Jawalakhel began over a week ago to supplement the metropolitan city’s income, after the Supreme Court banned posters, hoarding boards, and pamphlets in the city, shrinking the sub-metropolis’s income sources.

However, locals as well as the park committee have been protesting installation of the digital display board inside the park, stating that the display would decrease the park’s value.

A local social worker Manab Sevak condemned Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan city’s move, saying it would destroy the park’s ambience.

The park is situated at a central location in Jawalakhel Chowk. The park was constructed at the cost of Rs 800,000. The Guthi Sasthan constructed two temples, which have become an attraction for the elderly.

“This has become a place for us to socialise,” said Chandra Maya Maharjan, a 60-year-old visitor. “I am often bored and lonely at home as all other family members busy at work. This is the place where I meet my friends and feel refreshed,” she said.

“Sometimes, strangers start conversation and sing folk songs together,” said chief of Jawalakhel local stakeholders’ group Vishnu Raj Khadka.

Over 50 people come to the park every day and most of them are the elderly, Karki informed. On his part, chief of revenue section at Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City office Dilip Shakya said, “We received consent from Jawalakhel community reform committee, the Ministry of Science and Environment, the metropolitan traffic police, and the locals for installation of the digital display board. We had also taken permission from the park committee and collected signatures for it,” he added.

But Karki claimed that the sub-metropolis coerced them into giving their consent.