Man arrested for operating illegal call-bypass system

KATHMANDU: Police said they recently arrested a person on charge of operating illegal call-bypass system in cahoots with an international racket.

Rabiraj Singh, a resident of Naxal, KMC-1, was arrested for misusing the E1 PRI technology installed with Nepal Telecom's optical fibre.

Issuing a press statement, the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police said Singh had been operating the illegal business in coordination with a Sri Lankan national. The foreigner's name, however, has not been revealed.

Singh had used a business company in Panipokhai, KMC-1 for the illegal operation, according to police.

The suspect, however, had registered the company in another person's name so as to avoid any suspicion about the activity.

Taking advantage of the long Dashain vacation, he had been operating the illegal business from the sixth day of the 15-day Badadashain festival.

Meanwhile, police also raided his Naxal-based house and seized documents related to operation of the company.

Police investigations also revealed that Singh had faced a police case for using fake Indian currency earlier.

Police said it was the first case that a Sri Lankan was found involved in the telecommunication crime in Nepal.

The suspects would face action in accordance with the Nepal Telecommunication Act, 1997.