Many people still unaware of free health services provided by DPHO

Kathmandu, April 21

Though District Public Health Office, Kathmandu announced free health services for the economically weaker section of the city, many of the locals lack the knowledge of or the  means to avail the services.

The DPHO has been providing a sum of Rs 100,000 per patient for the treatment of eight terminological diseases such as cancer, kidney ailments, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, head injury, spinal cord injury and nerve-related illness and Parkinson’s disease.

“Due to lack of proper information, many, who actually require the service, are unable to get them or access these services sooner,” said Puskar Bijukchhe, information officer at District Public Health Office.

Bijukchhe shared that many who can actually afford treatment are utilising these health services, leaving behind those who need it. “Patients have to get the recommendation letter from their respective wards along with the prescription from the hospital recommended by us,” Bijukchhe said. The DPHO says that there is no way yet to find out the financial status of patients. “That is  why many people who do not qualify for the health service have been benefiting from it,” Bijukchhe claimed.

According to DPHO’s data, over 838 people have availed the service till March 4, 2017, while 995 people were recommended for treatment under the health service in last fiscal. Over 35.44 per cent who were recommended for cancer treatment under the service were given treatment, 28 per cent for kidney disease, 35 per cent for heart diseases, 0.35 per cent, two women and a man for Alzheimer’s.

“Every DPHO provides such services in their district. It is important to inform public about the facilities,” said Bijukchhe.