Menstrual hygiene policy on the cards

Kathmandu, May 24

The government is set to bring National Menstrual Hygiene Management Policy so as to place menstrual hygiene in the human rights framework.

The new policy of the government aims to spread awareness, discourage superstition and cultural malpractices related to menstruation. The draft of the policy will soon be tabled in the Parliament.

The new policy, if endorsed by the Parliament, will address long-term physical and mental health problems related to menstruation health of women and give them easy access to sanitary pads and other things women need during menstruation. The policy will also help end discriminatory practices against menstruating women.

“The main aim of the policy is to help in the management of menstrual hygiene and improve physical and mental health status of women in the country,” said Dinesh Adhikari, assistant spokesperson, Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation.

The draft talks about problems faced by women during menstruation, taboos and misconception related to menstruation, and presents strategies of the government needs to adopt to solve the problems.

“Human rights of women are violated as women living in the mid- and far-western regions of the country are forced to leave their houses and live in a shed during menstruation. Several women are raped, killed and run the risk of being attacked by animals. The draft menstrual hygiene management policy advocates for the rights of women to live a dignified life,” added Adhikari.