Metropolis saves Rs 3 lakhs in a month

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 14:

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) was able to save Rs 3,00,000 in a month by regulating the distribution of petrol coupons, an in-house report states. The report brings to the fore rampant corruption which used to take place in the name of purchasing petrol.

At this rate, the KMC can save Rs 3.6 million a year. Though office-bearers of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City are entitled to petrol coupons, the report states that some of the staffers were devoid of the provision and had to pay the bill from their pockets.

The metropolis became able to reap the benefits after the task of issuing coupons was given to the Urban Environment Section some two-and-a-half-months back. Earlier, respective departments used to issue petrol coupons. It was then that rampant irregularities took place in the name of purchasing petrol. "We became able to save a sum of Rs 3,00,000 by regulating the process of coupon distribution," said Robin Man Shreatha, chief, Urban Environment Section of the KMC. But he refused to divulge the details of the report which shows the amount of petrol used monthly by members of each department. There have been reports of financial irregularities in KMC.