Metropolitan Police Sector Kalanki Office building inaugurated

  • Locals’ cooperation to be vital for peace and security

Kathmandu, July 24

A newly constructed building of Metropolitan Police Sector Kalanki was inaugurated by the Rani Pokhari Metropolitan Police Office Deputy Commissioner DIG Bam Bahadur Bhandari today amid a program in Kalanki, Kathmandu.

Inaugurating the building DIG Bhandari thanked the local people, organisations, social workers and helpers for the contribution they made in building the office. He said cooperation of locals would play a vital role through such participatory works at a time when the Metropolitan Police was managing peace and security with the help of the public.

He added that though the responsibility of maintaining security, stopping crime and carrying out investigation was the job of the police, it would not work without the help of local people as the criminals are from society and they commit crime in society. He instructed authorised staffers to fulfil people’s expectations without any hesitation and added that just having a building in place would not be sufficient to maintain peace and security.

DIG Bhandari handed over appreciation letters to the contributors and helpers involved in construction of Metropolitan Police Sector Office in Kalanki. According to Purusottam Adhikari, treasurer of Building Construction Committee, it cost a total of Rs 4.80 million to construct the building. He said that after the previous building was damaged by the earthquake of 2015, construction of a new building had started in cooperation with local people, organisations, and other social workers, among others.