Missing patient found

Kathmandu, January 11:

The patient, who went missing from the Kathmandu Medical Hospital on Tuesday night, has been found near the Kathmandu District Court, Babar Mahal, at around 1 pm today.

Dipak Karki had appendicitis surgery at the hospital and went missing since the mid-night on Tuesday with hospital gown. Lawmaker Dutta Singh Karki first saw him at an eatery near the court and informed the hospital.

“He was immediately brought back to the hospital in an ambulance and treated,” said Sagar Lal Shrestha, administrator of the hospital. His condition is normal, though he missed the regular dosage of medicine for more than two days.

Shrestha added he was wearing a hospital gown when he disappeared, but was found in his own clothes that fitted him well. “However, he has not uttered a word about his sudden disappearance till now. He was re-admitted at the hospital and will be discharged in the next three days if he recovers,” he added.