NA plane carrying 175 Nepalis enroute to Ktm from Wuhan

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Airlines chartered flight carrying 175 Nepalis from Hubei Province, China, has taken off from Wuhan and is enroute to Kathmandu. It had taken off from the Tribhuvan International Airport on Saturday afternoon

According to the Embassy of Nepal in Beijing, the flight will land at TIA at around 4:00am.

Of the 175 people that are flying back home from the epicenter of Coronavirus outbreak, 170 are students.

All required medical procedures were followed prior to handing over the boarding passes to the returnees.

The airlifted Nepalis were picked up from six different cities -- Wuhan, Enshi, Shiyan, Yichang, Jingmen and Jingzhou -- for which the embassy had made necessary arrangements.

All 175 evacuees will have their health examined at the airport. Those having no symptom of COVID-19 will be taken to Kharipati, while those showing symptoms of the disease will be taken to Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Patan Hospital or Armed Police Force Hospital, Balambu.

The health team deployed to Wuhan will stay in Kharipati for 14 days, while the crew will be quarantined in Telkot for at least 14 days

The embassy further revealed that of the 185 applicants, four later decided to stay back in China whereas six could not board the plane due to medical reasons.

Featured Image: Saurav Luitel/Twitter