NA poll code comes into effect

Kathmandu, January 25

The Election Commission said the election code of conduct for the National Assembly election slated for February 7 would come into force from tomorrow.

The poll panel said the code of conduct will be applicable to the government, ministers, public institutions, media outlets, I/NGOs, government employees as well as security personnel.

The Election Commission has warned of strong action against anyone who violate the election code of conduct.

Likewise, public position holders, political parties and their sister wings should also strictly abide by the election code of conduct, the poll panel said..

The EC said that the government couldn’t appoint, promote, transfer or depute its employees, including civil servants and security personnel, for purposes other than the election during the period in which the election code of conduct remains in


In special circumstances, the government, however, may transfer or depute employees with the prior consent of the poll panel.

Likewise, no new position in public entities or public institutions

and local bodies can be created. The government will also be barred from filling vacant positions in government offices.

Besides, the government would also be prohibited from providing economic facilities, awards and increasing  perks and benefits for government employees until the National Assembly election is held.

Similarly, the election code of conduct also bars government from allocating or transferring budget for any new development project without the Election Commission’s consent.

However, the government would be free to mobilise or provide funds for ongoing development projects, which was mentioned in the budget for the current fiscal .