Nembang stresses on the need for inclusive policy

Kathmandu, July 28:

Speaker of the House of Representative, Subas Nembang, today stressed on a need to adopt inclusive policy and urged for the participation of Dalits in 15-member Interim Constitution Drafting Committee. He also stressed on the need of proportional representation of Dalit women’s and 33 per cent reservation for women in all processes of state mechanism.

Speaking at the 13th anniversary of the Dalit Feminist Organisation, Nembang said the historic proclamation made for women should be established as the fundamental rights.

“Laws need to be formulated to give the House of Representatives (HoR) announcements concrete form,” said Nembang, adding that amendment of Labour Act and other bills are being registered in the HoR for the formulation of new laws.

Until the new constitution is formulated through the constituent assembly election, democracy will not be restored, he said. The present political achievement is the initial framework to ensure sovereignty to Nepali people, he said.

“Unanimous declaration of Constituent Assembly elections, various proclamations of HoR, withdrawal of red corner notice are the way out that has been taken by the HoR established at the strength of people’s movement,” he added.

Nembang also felicitated child singer Rubin Gandharva. Ranju Biswokarma, treasurer of the FEDO said the organisation started from Lalitpur has extended its services to 22 districts of the country and working to rule out the social ills.