Nepal-China-India relations discussed

Kathmandu, February 26

The relations between Nepal, China and India were highlighted during a talk event organised in the Capital today.

Organised by Nepal Economic Forum the event shed light upon China-Nepal-India trilateral relations. The event also shed light on how these two countries have been friends for Nepal since the past and have been helping in the country’s development.

Talking about mutual relations between Nepal with China, Pramod Jaiswal, senior fellow at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi and Senior Fellow at the Pangoal Institution Beijing informed how Nepal has been maintaining friendly relations with China and India. Shedding light on Nepal-China relations after Nepal became a Republic and the strategic relations with China, Jaiswal highlighted the country’s development and the aid it has been receiving for its development and prosperity.

Shedding light on relations between India and China he also talked about how Nepal has to prosper with the help of other countries and also the challenges it faces because of its geographic location between two large countries.

The event also dealt with trilaterialism and how it could be mutually advantageous to India, China and Nepal and how all these three countries could develop and connect themselves through transportation and make an impact on world economy.

The speaker talked about the Nepal-China relations, democratic forces of Nepal and  support provided by India to Nepal.

Talking about how China has been increasing aid to Nepal, he discussed how the country could move ahead with Chinese help and support.

Comparing Chinese and Indian support to Nepal, the event dwelt on how Nepal should move ahead in terms of its relations with these neighbouring countries. Speakers also discussed the benefits of One Belt One Road for China, India and Nepal.