More Nepalis goving abroad

Kathmandu, August 12

The number of Nepali youths goving abroad is increasing every year, with data showing that nearly 539,000 youths left the country for foreign employment in the last fiscal.

According to a recent data released by the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the occasion of International Youth Day today, 1,600 Nepali youths leave the country for foreign destinations each day and that this number is increasing day by day.

A total of 538,000 youths had gone out of the country in the fiscal 2015-16. As per the National Youth Council Act 2015, the age group of 16 to 40 is regarded as youth. They make up 40.35 per cent of the national population.

Speaking at a programme held to mark the Day in Kathmandu today, Ram Prasad Thapaliya, joint secretary at the ministry, said such massive departure of the economically active population to foreign lands had impacted development of the country.

Minister for Commerce Min Bahadur Bishwokarma stressed that more youth-related programmes should be introduced in the country to retain Nepali youths in the country. He also blamed the increasing brain drain problem on lack of political stability in the country.