One School One Entrepreneurship Programme is to be implemented to encourage students to develop entrepreneurship skills in addition to academic knowledge.

The National Youth Council will be implementing the programme to engage students in entrepreneurship development skills such as fishery, goat rearing, floriculture, and vegetable farming during their extra time at school.

Council Vice-chair Madhav Prasad Dhungel said the objective of the programme was to develop schools as a learning centre for entrepreneurship, besides imparting education.

"Moreover, we hope he programme will inspire students to seek a career in entrepreneurship right from the school level and to be self-employed after leaving school," he said, talking about the objectives of the programme.

Under the programme, parents/ guardians of students will also visit schools once a month and participate in vocational skill development activities, it is said.

"The parents will be motivated to cultivate their land after observing their children being engaged in a vocation at the school itself," he said and expressed the belief that this project would help teach entrepreneurship to the entire society.

The council has called for proposals from schools across the country for running this scheme.

Community secondary schools running classes in technical and vocational stream or the schools selected to be developed into model schools have been urged to submit the vocational project plan by October 7.

The council's selection committee will select the proposals submitted by the schools. Altogether eight schools, including one from each province and one from the federal level, will be selected on the basis of evaluation criteria determined in the implementation work format, the council's Under-secretary kamala Gyawali said.

According to her, the Council will initially provide Rs 700,000 as seed capital to the selected school.

A version of this article appears in the print on September 22 2021, of The Himalayan Times.