NUTA welcomes statute endorsement

KATHMANDU: Nepal University Teachers Association today welcomed the endorsement of the new constitution by the Constituent Assembly.

NUTA expressed happiness and congratulated CA, the government, political parties, various professional associations and the general public for endorsement of the new constitution.

A press statement issued here today by NUTA said this achievement gained through the sacrifices of the Nepali people will have a great significance in the long run.

It said the new constitution will institutionalise the achievements of the people’s movement and other movements staged by various professional bodies and groups. Similarly, it will pave the path for political stability, peace and prosperity in the country and help strengthen national harmony, unity and sovereignty, the statement read.


Issuing a press statement, UCPN-Maoist aligned All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union (Revolutionary) has also welcomed the endorsement of new Constitution by the CA.

It said the new constitution was the result of the invaluable contributions of martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for the country. It also expressed condolence to the martyrs.

It said there are still few contentious issues and concerns of certain ethnic groups such as Tharus, Madhesis, Magars that the new constitution should address.

ANNISU-R also said that they would celebrate the new constitution by organising Deepawali and hanging welcome banners today and tomorrow.

The union has also decided to join the programmes of its mother party on September 20 and 21 and conduct interaction programmes in the coming days to express the views of their party.