Oli-Dahal hold yet another 'one-to-one' on Tuesday

KATHMANDU: In a series of one-to-one meetings held to iron out 'factional' differences, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP)'s co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal held a one-to-one, yet again, on Tuesday, attempting to reach a consensus.

The meeting held between the two chairs on Monday had ended without a concrete conclusion. However, they had decided to engage in discussions as long as an acceptable solution is not met.

Meanwhile, the party's Standing Committee meeting has been put on a hold so as to facilitate the dialogue between the party leaders.

High-voltage political drama unfolded as PM Oli threw the 'house prorogation' dice on July 2 - a last ditch attempt to save his chair - as top leaders of the party were stiff on their demands regarding the Prime Minister's exit from either of the top posts (PM and party chair) he currently holds.

Threats of party heading into a split loomed large as the PM expedited his meetings with the President and later warned his cabinet of a possible situation wherein they might have to choose between him and the rival faction.

However, some respite can be felt in the air as the leadership is engaged in talks, albeit sans reaching a conclusion every time, as next-tier of leaders are pressurising top leadership to save the party unity at every cost.

Interestingly, the Chinese envoy too has been paying several visits to senior NCP leaders, crossing the diplomatic boundaries as Foreign Affairs experts claim, raising eyebrows amid existing tension within the communist party.