Open house programme held

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 4:

With the intention of promoting awareness on education, culture and environmental issues in the remote mountainous region, the Yangrima Ex- Students Society (YESS) organised an open house programme at its Information Technology Centre today."We want as many Helambu people as possible to get acquainted with skills to use computers so that they can cope with the ever changing modern world," said Jimmy Lama, president of YESS. The institution which founded in 2003 to to help students from Helambu find their places in big cities has now expanded enough to welcome students from all parts of the country.

A participant of the programme Ngajo Lama, a Helambu resident said, "The instructors are from my home village and there is no problem in communication so it will be easy to learn different things here."

A former teacher at the Yangrima School Chitra Karki said, "These days everything is done with the help of computers and it is very necessary to learn the skill to use it."The founders of the YESS were among the first people from Helambu to complete graduate level studies in Kathmandu and many of them are now teacher and professionals. The open house concluded with a lottery where winners were awarded free one-month English and IT courses at the institute.