Bir Hospital is unable to use its new hospital bock due to the shortage of medical oxygen.

Although the government decided to use the new building for the treatment of Covid-19, the plan has not materialised due to the ongoing shortage.

Hospital director Dr Shanta Sapkota said the management is unable to utilise the building even after making all required preparations as directed by the government.

Currently, there is demand for 15,000 oxygen cylinders per day while only 7,200 cylinders are produced in the country.

"We had made all preparations for keeping the patients in the new building but had to halt the plan due to the lack of oxygen," said Dr Sapkota, adding they cannot keep the patients in the new building without making arrangement for the oxygen.

She said at least 600 oxygen cylinders were needed to bring the new block into operation. There are a total of 500 beds in the hospital whereas the initial plan was to keep 100 to 300 beds only.