PHSC revises its hearing procedures

KATHMANDU: The Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee (PHSC) revised its existing procedures of hearing with reforms.

The committee made the changes and introduced reforms including to proceed the hearing based on the recommendation made by a sub-committee comprising Dr Ganesh Man Gurung, Ananda Prasad Dhungana and Anita Pariyar.

In the reforms made during today’s meeting, it has been stated that the people called for the hearing would be given 20 minutes to present their statement.

Likewise, the committee members would also be allowed to ask questions to the accused within five minutes.

The question must be centred on the complaints filed against the person or the case in some ways. The members would be given additional two minutes for supplementary questions.

New reforms also include provision to provide 10 minutes to the complainant to explain his/her views.

According to Gurung, all issues related to the procedure would be finalised in the next meeting to be held on July 14.

The hearing for the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court would start soon, he added.

The appointment of judges at the Supreme Court and that of ambassadors to different countries have been pending since long at the PHSC.