Parties against Janajati demands, say MPs

Kathmandu, July 5:

Members of Parliament (MP) representing the Janajatis today accused whips of their respective parties of barring them from attending meetings called to discuss issues

of the indigenous nationalities.

“Meetings to be held for the formation of a caucus could not be held as the parties barred the MPs from attending them,” MP Malla K Sundar told an interaction here.

Addressing the interaction on “Role of MPs in the Constituent Assembly” organised by the Indigenous Nationalities Joint Struggle Committee, Sundar said the MPs should mount pressure on the parties for the formation of a caucus.

UML MP Til Kumar Mengbo said his party was for a proportional election system, but the three major parties — the CPN Maoist, NC and the NC (D) — were opposed to the idea. “Unless all the parties are prepared, the problems will not be solved,” he said.

DB Lama of the NC (D), however, said the MPs should not fear what the consequences could be if they act in a certain manner.

UML MP Bir Bahadur Lama said “Shree Aath” and not the “Shree Panch” now rules the country and bars MPs from holding discussions.

He said all the parties are reluctant to address the issues of the indigenous nationalities. He stressed on the need of a “final blow” to fight for the rights of the indigenous people and urged the Janajati organisations to take to the streets, while the MPs fight in the parliament.

“There is no alternative to a movement,” said Dr Om Gurung, the coordinator of the indigenous nationalities talks team.