Pashupatinath temple to be made waste-free

Kathmandu, November 19

Volunteers of the Bagmati Clean-up Campaign and Khem’s Cleaning Services have joined hands with Pashupati Area Development Trust to make Pashupatinath temple waste-free.

According to the initiator of the Bagmati Clean-up Campaign Raju Adhikari, apart from the weekly cleaning event, which takes place on the banks of the Bagmati River at different places in the Valley, volunteers are also involved in cleaning areas in and around the temple throughout the week since Dashain festival.

Bagmati Clean-up Campaign completed its 236th week yesterday, but volunteers have been working day and night to manage waste produced during Bala Chaturdashi festival.

Adhikari said they wanted to make Pashupati temple clean and attractive for Shivaratri festival.

According to PADT, although the daily cleaning activities began only three months ago, Pashupati temple looks a lot more cleaner than it used to be.

PADT member secretary Pradip Dhakal said they had joined hands with Khem’s Cleaning Services as their work at the country’s only international airport had been highly praised. He claimed that by Shivaratri, which falls on 13 February, Pashupatinath premises would be a different place altogether.

According to director at Khem’s Cleaning Services Khem Sharma, apart from cleaning activities, they have been training around 30 cleaners involved in cleaning Pashupatinath area. Sharma said he felt lucky as his company was chosen to clean the temple premises.