PIACPN offers suggestions to govt to fight COVID-19 pandemic

KATHMANDU: Public Initiative Against Corona Pandemic, Nepal (PIACPN) has submitted a document to the government comprising various suggestions to fight the spread and effects of COVID-19 pandemic.

The letter addressed to the Prime Minister is an appeal from PIACPN -- comprising experts belonging to various fields -- to the federal, provincial and local governments along with other stakeholders working to prevent the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

Stating that managing the crisis of coronavirus and protection of human lives are the main responsibilities of the state, PIACPN says that it is the people's responsibility to support the government at such a time.

On the public health front, the Initiative suggests intensive tests, management of infrastructure and equipment for proper treatment of the infected, information channelled through local levels on quarantine, isolation, do's and dont's, ensuring that treatment procedures and equipment are in compliance with the government guidelines and that of the World Health Organization, proper reach and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), no shortage of medicines used by those with chronic illnesses and other vulnerable groups, and not forgetting other seasonal epidemics which might occur even in the midst of the larger pandemic, among others.

PIACPN, in its address to the government, has touched upon other crucial matters such as livelihood and economic concerns and focuses on facilitating relief to those most in need, welfare of Nepali workers in India and other countries, continuity to agriculture albeit with proper safety measures, prevention of black marketing and other such irregularities.

Likewise, the Initiative said, its attention has been drawn towards the point of personal freedom mentioned in Prime Minister's last public address. PIACPN is of the opinion that people need personal freedom, freedom of expression and protection of lives all at the same time, to ensure which, transparent and smooth interaction between the government and public is vital.

The letter further suggests that safety of health workers, security personnel, and others on the frontline of this fight against COVID-19 is very important and guidelines should be developed and followed to that effect.

Last but not the least, PIACPN points out the importance of giving continuity to education by taking to the online platform.

PIACPN is a public intiative with a 17-member team coordinated by Co-chair of Samajwadi Party Baburam Bhattarai. Other members of the Initiative are lawmaker Pradeep Giri, entrepreneur Krishna Acharya, economic expert Kalyan Raj Sharma, IT expert Dobhan Rai, social activists Pradeep Pariyar and Brabim Kumar, economists Manoj Poudel and Professor Resham Thapa, rights activist Luna Ranjit, Nepal Medical Association president Dr Lochan Karki, public health expert Lhamo Sherpa, mediaperson Bishwadeep Pandey, urban planning expert Sabin Ningalekhu, security expert and former AIGP Surendra Shah, and former deputy chair of National Planning Commission Swarnim Wagle.

“कोरोना महाव्याधि विरूद्ध सार्वजनिक पहल”(कोमविसाप) को तर्फबाट प्रम र उच्चस्तरीय समितिका संयोजकलाई विद्यमान संकट समाधाननिम्ति विविध विषयमा रचनात्मक सुझाव प्रस्तुत! pic.twitter.com/uIwOQwkB5e

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