KATHMANDU: Kamala Chanda (20) burst into tears today to find Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal - the man who gave her second life - stood by her bed in the capital’s Maternity Hospital.

Kamala, who is beginning to recuperate from her bleeding and is receiving post-natal healthcare, was rescued by the PM on his helicopter from her hard-to-reach hometown in Rukum where she was profusely bleeding out of labour pain, and chances of her survival was thin.

Physicians in the district had given up their hope on Kamala, but the Prime Minister wouldn’t. Putting aside his hectic chores, albeit momentarily, he rushed to the hospital today flanked by his wife Gayatri, with a bagful of fruits. The Prime Minister asked, “How are you doing Kamala?” “I am much better, I am recovering now,” Kamala replied.

During his 15-minute-long tête-à-tête with Kamala, PM Nepal also directed the doctors and nurses in the hospital to provide her special care, lest she catches anemia. PM Nepal was also concerned about her dietary syndrome at emergency ward. Dr Lata Bajracharya, who attends to Kamala, said her health was normal now and was eating well - both solid and liquid.

Nepal handed over a cash of Rs. 5,000 to Man Bahadur Malla, her elder brother for her miscellaneous expenses and reassured that he would provide extra amount if required. “Hospital carried out a cesarean section to remove the baby out of her womb. It was declared stillbirth,” physicians said.

“We transfused adequate blood to compensate the bleeding,” said Bajracharya. Malla said they spent Rs 2,800 to buy the blood from elsewhere. While the hospital has been providing treatment for free of cost.

Bajracharya, meanwhile, said Kamala would be discharged on Monday. She had also been advised not to journey home this early by bus.

Her brother Malla said Kamala would spend a few weeks at a hotel belonging to his distant relatives in Balaju, before boarding the bus to Rukum.

However, PM Nepal has assured her of an airlift to Rukum, considering her health condition.