Polls at 3 levels challenging, says Shashanka Koirala

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress General Secretary Shashanka Koirala today said that the country at present was at a critical juncture of history and if it failed to hold elections at local, provincial and federal tiers, a political and legal void would loom large again.

During a programme organised on the occasion of the upcoming Dashain festival in the Capital today, the NC leader said that holding elections was one of the challenging tasks.

“It was BP Koirala who demanded the Constitution be framed by the people themselves in 1950s,” he said, adding, ”All political parties need to be united to institutionalise the achievements made so far.

Speaking on the occasion, Nepal Trade Union Congress Chairman Khilanath Dahal said that socialism could be meaningful once the workers got favourable atmosphere for exercising their rights.