Prez to offer puja at Navadurga temple

Bhaktapur, October 13:

President Dr Ram Baran Yadav is scheduled to visit the Navadurga Temple in Bhaktapur tomorrow to offer special puja on the occasion of Kojagrat Purnima, the last day of Dashain festival.

Bhaktapur CDO Dilli Prasad Sibakoti today told The Himalayan Times that the president is scheduled to visit the temple in between four to half past four in the evening.

He said, “We have already managed high security for the ceremony and have completed all preparations for the puja.”

Krishna Bahadur Shahi, assistant CDO, noted, “We have not yet received any formal information on the arrival of former king Gyanendra at the temple.” He said the President would be arriving there at around 4pm and that a VIP security arrangement was already in place.

Last year, former king Gyanendra had also visited the temple, 90 minutes after then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala offered puja at the temple.

In the past, then kings, as head of the state, used to offer puja at the temple on Kojagrat Purnima.

We have not got any formal information on the arrival of ex-king Gyanendra Shah at the temple— Krishna B Karki, assistant CDO, Bhaktapur