Pro-monarchy supporters stage demonstration despite DAO order


Hundreds of people staged a demonstration yet again at Maitighar Mandala today, demanding the restoration of monarchy in the country.

Kathmandu District Administration Office, had a few days ago, issued a notice forbidding people to participate in any kind of political activity. The DAO’s notice had targeted pro-monarchy supporters after they staged a huge rally from Baneshwor to Maitighar recently.

Dozens of similar but even larger demonstrations have been held in major cities across the country in the last few weeks.

The government had also formally requested people to refrain from participating in such protest programmes on November 29. Government Spokesperson Parbat Gurung had said at a press conference that the ongoing protests were being held by opportunistic reactionaries.

National Civil Movement Committee, 2020, that organised today’s protest chanted slogans in favour of monarchy during the rally.

They also demanded major reform in the political system, from scrapping federalism to introduction of people’s democracy with space for monarchy.

They also demanded provision of directly elected prime minister and lawmakers not exceeding more than 115 persons. No arrest or untoward activities, however, occurred during protest today although large numbers of security force were mobilised on the street today.