Kathmandu, November 23:

Rehabilitation and reintegration of women and children affected by the decade-long conflict is the main focus of the draft plan prepared by the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MoWCSW) for inclusion in the three-year 11th Plan.

The plan draft has proposed targets to achieve gender development index (GDI) by 0.8 in the three years.

The GDI illustrates the complexities of gender-related development through an analysis of individual indicators.

The indicators cover issues of women’s work, education, health, survival, safety and participation in public/private decision-making.

Nepal’s present gender development index is less than 0.5. As part of adopting inclusive policies and increasing participation of women in all the state machinery as well as in the rural and local government bodies, the MoWCSW will launch 774 women development programmes (WDP) in rural areas of the country.

The ministry runs the WDPs in 1,593 district development committees (DDC) and 2,322 village development committees (VDC).

The plan draft has proposed a buget of Rs 1.48 million to the National Planning Commission (NPC) for the three years to achieve the goals targeted in the children’s sector.

The programmes will be specially focused on the rehabilitation of conflict-affected children and reunion with their families and protecting them from trafficking, sexual exploitation, violence and discrimination. It will also be focused on ensuring rights to the disabled children.