Provoking Maoist tape creates buzz

KATHMANDU: The exclusive video tape broadcasted by Image Channel Monday night remained the talk of the town today. People along with prominent figures were provoked by Prachanda's revelation during a speech at PLA's third division. Most of the television channels and FM stations aired the two-year old tape on Tuesday.

Deputy Commander of People's Liberation Army Chandra Prakash Khanal 'Baldev' commented that the tape was one of the training sessions of the PLA and was of no significance.

He also accused the Nepali Army of providing the tape to the media. "Even though, our top ranks were informed about the tape some five days ago we were not sure which particular tape it was," he added. The statements of KP Oli about the conspiracy of the Maoist to take over the state was also based on the tape, he said.

Meanwhile, Nepali Congress vice-president Ram Chandra Poudel said that the tape proved that the Maoists wanted to capture the state as the NC had been warning of time and again. "This proves that they are not on the side of drafting the new constitution but to establish a totalitarian rule," he commented.

However, a close advisor of Prime Minister said that the tape and the speech was made at the time when the Maoists were underground. He added it was now insignificant as the Maoists had already joined the main stream politics and had embraced democracy.

While Narayan Kajee Shrestha 'Prakash' said that he had not watched the video yet.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Image Channel Tapa Nath Sukla informed of the YCL trying to intervene in the broadcasting of the tape. However, he refused to comment on the timing of the broadcasting of the tape.

While a security officer at Image Channel said some 20 YCL cadres had reached the office at around 7:30 and asked the officials to stop the broadcasting of the tape. "However, they left the scene after the arrival of the police," he said.