Quality control bureau clicks its tongue at

Kathmandu, November 14:

The failure of organisations to be selected for three awards that the Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology (NBSM) gives reflects the image of the quality of our products, said Bharat Bahadur Thapa, secretary to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies.

Speaking at a programme to mark 36th World Standard Day, Thapa stressed the need for increasing frequency and standardising the norms of quality inspection. The World Standard Day is observed each year on November 14 and the slogan for this year is “Standards for a Safer World.”

Each year, the NBSM awards three companies for producing commodities that meet standards

prescribed by NBSM. However, this year only two companies received awards, with the third nominated company having failed to meet standards prescribed by NBSM. Gorkha Breweries Pvt Ltd was awarded the Nepal Standard Award and Hulas Wire Industries was awarded Letter of Appreciation by Thapa at the programme. Shree Krishna Shrestha, director general at the Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology, said that quality is vital to get a place in the market. Now that Nepal is a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) it is necessary that products meet the quality specifications in order to compete in the global market. The agreement with the International Bureau of Standards helps promoting Nepali products in the international market, said Shrestha, adding that a recent accord with China would prove important in selling Nepali products in the Chinese market.

Chandi Raj Dhakal, president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI), stressed the need for capacity-building of private companies so as to enrich quality. “Quality opens the door to international markets. Products should be brought into domestic or international markets with a tag of national standards so as to capture the market share,” Dhakal said. UK Dayananda, technical director at Gorkha Brewery Pvt Ltd, said that when faced with competition quality is what sustains a product. Mahendra K Golccha, managing director of Hulas Wire Industries said that an open mindset towards management and handling of workers is necessary for sustainable quality control.