Kathmandu, January 22:

The Nepal Madhesi Students’ Front (NMSF) has demanded Rs 2.5 million in compensation for the family of Ramesh Kumar Mahato, who was allegedly killed by the Maoists in Lahan on Friday. It has also sought action against those involved in the killing of Mahato.

In a press release issued here today, the NWSF demanded that the government and the Maoist chairman apologise to the Madhesi commuity for the killing. “Our struggle will continue unless the government meets our five-point demand,” the NMSF said, appealing to the Madhesi communities to take the ongoing agitation to “a new height”.

“The Madhesi people want a federal system in the nation with Madhes as a separate state.”

Demanding that election constituencies be redrawn on the basis of population density, the NMSF said elections to the constitutional assembly should be conducted on the basis of a proportionate system.

The NMSF urged the government to reconstitute the interim legislative parliament by amending the interim constitution. “Talks should be held with all armed and unarmed organisations struggling in Madhes to amend the interim constitution and reconstitute the interim legislature.”

“Apart from the government laxity, high-handedness of the Maoist party is also to blame for Mahato’s death,” the NMSF said, blaming the government and the Maoists for escalating turmoil in the terai.”