Record shows most city crime occurs from 6pm to midnight


The capital city is more vulnerable to crime between 6pm and midnight, according to police records.

Of 4,601 incidents of crime reported in the last fiscal, 1,875 crimes occurred between 6pm to midnight followed by 1,111 between noon to 6pm, 849 between midnight to 6am and 766 between 6am and noon. The statistics cover the last 12 months till mid-July.

Officials said more crime incidents are reported in the six hours after 6pm because alcohol-related crimes increase in the evening and night.

Social crimes, domestic violence and burglary are among the biggest crime problems facing the city at night. Unattended houses or rooms are main target of burglars in the evening and night.

“Though we have uncovered some interesting, but not shocking, patterns of crime, we would like to stress that crimes can take place any time and anywhere. Therefore, it is important for all to adopt appropriate measures against potential crimes,” SSP Uttam Kumar Karkee, in-charge at the Metropolitan Police Range, Teku, suggested.

According to the statistics, there were 22 cases of murder, 94 cases of attempted murder, 129 cases of fraud, 23 cases of human trafficking, 93 of rape, nine of kidnapping, 148 of drugs smuggling, 10 of robbery, 14 of arms and ammunition, 298 of theft and 3,743 social crimes reported in the fiscal year 2014-15.

While breaking down the crimes by days, police have recorded 820 incidents on Tuesdays, 721 on Wednesdays, 703 on Mondays, 684 on Fridays, 611 on Sundays and 599 on Thursdays.

According to police records, incidents of crime in decreased to 4,601 in 2014-15 from 5,601 in 2013-14.

Police arrested 5,882 suspects in connection with the reported crimes.